JANUARY 9th, 2021


The Fun

"Winter don't get any more beautiful than that..we are surrounded by paradise."

Tyler Gauthier, Whack Job

The Fat-Ish will happen in 2021. It will be held on January 9. Amidst of the current environment, the organizers have released a Solution Inspired Event, to adhere to safety guidelines. "We want something for people to look forward to, to feel normal, to laugh, to have fun, and get outside in a safe and creative way." says event co-director, Matthew Bloch.

Here is how the fun will happen:

The event will be a individual time trial format. Participants will be assigned start times in which they will complete one of two offered courses, a novice or advanced. Both courses will be held on the majestic and historic RAMBA Trails. The novice course will be approximately 10 miles and the advanced approximately 20 miles.

"It may be a different format at a different venue, but what I can guarantee you, the fun you've grown to expect with our event will not be different, it will be more." Matthew Bloch


The Proceeds from the event will benefit GO Get Outside to accomplish their missions, a non-profit organization. 


"The Upper Peninsula in three words... Not a lot of Summer."

Danny Hill, Grooming Samarai


The Event

Saturday, 1.9.21

The Race


Time Trial Format

The Details

Information for you to digest.


Live Results


Results will be live with time checks. The event will be broadcasted live on Youtube participant and spectator viewing.


Fat Bike Time Trail
Ishpeming, MI
The event will start at 9am and run
run until its completion. 
Timing and Video links will be 
posted here.
The whole event will be
Novice: Approximately 10 miles or
              60-90 minutes
Advanced: Approximately 20 miles or
                   90-120 minutes 
The courses will be on the RAMBA
SBT (Snow Bike Trail)
Participants will be assigned 
individual start times. Start times
will be posted and emailed on 
Friday, January 8th. 
First rider off at 9am.
Individual Time Trial. Fastest time at the end of the event will be the winner. 
Riders will leave the start gate in 30 second intervals. They will complete the course as fast as they can obtaining a total time on course. 

The Sponsors



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The Place

GPS Coordinates: CLICK HERE

Saturday Location

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